29.12.2023 — From experiment to new working day

Brave new working world!

At Quant, we put theory into practice: Our journey into the new world of work begins with the introduction of the 4-day week from 1 January 2024. In a successful one-year experiment, Quant has integrated the New Work megatrend into its own corporate reality, demonstrating its practical implementation. The experiment is the centrepiece of our practical approach to actively shaping the future of work – and not just for ourselves.

At Quant, we are not just thinking about the future of the world of work, we are actively helping to shape it. The introduction of the 4.5-day week last year was just the beginning of a comprehensive transformation that we will be implementing in full from 1 January. We are convinced that a new era of work is not just a question of organising time, but requires a holistic approach.

In our New Work consulting, we integrate the variety of aspects that characterize modern working environments. We take into account the growing importance of technological and social interactions and understand that the human element is at the centre of all processes. Our consulting services reflect the need for flexible, adaptive systems and structures in order to respond to the dynamic changes in the global working landscape.

We address the challenges of demographic change and recognize the need to integrate different generations harmoniously into the world of work. At the same time, we focus on fostering networks and communities that transcend traditional corporate boundaries and utilize collective intelligence to accelerate innovation and growth.

As pioneers and shapers of the New Work movement, we recognize the importance of not only understanding legal and regulatory frameworks, but also using them as an opportunity for innovation and growth.

We balance compliance with entrepreneurial creativity to help organizations remain competitive in a rapidly changing world.
Quant stands for a working world in which efficiency, humanity and innovation go hand in hand. We are proud to take this holistic approach in our consultancy and in our own organisation and look forward to sharing this journey with our partners and clients.