02.07.2024 — Swiss tourism in a changing world

Challenges and future prospects

Swiss tourism has been a key economic factor and employer in Switzerland for over 150 years. However, despite its importance, this sector is facing major challenges today. A comprehensive reorientation is required in order to maintain and strengthen the competitiveness of the destinations.


Some challenges at a glance

Heterogeneous structures: The diversity of actors and services can make effective coordination and sustainable development more difficult. Different interests, for example of companies, the local population or environmental protection organizations, can lead to conflicts.

Interdependencies: Complex interactions in the tourism sector can have unforeseeable negative effects on other areas.

Seasonal fluctuations: Seasonality and fluctuations in capacity utilization can lead to financial uncertainties and put a strain on resources.

Strategies to overcome the challenges

In order to meet these challenges, a comprehensive and strategically oriented reorientation is necessary. The future of Swiss tourism requires a shift towards sustainable, participatory and transparent destination development.

Common goals: Focusing on common goals will enable effective collaboration. This requires the abandonment of particular interests and the promotion of a collective understanding.

Participatory development process: Involving different stakeholders in the development process maximizes the success of the destination. When networks of stakeholders work together, they can tackle challenges together.

Sustainability and innovation: The strategic direction should be based on future trends such as sustainability, community collaboration and innovative mobility concepts.

“We have to say goodbye to the illusion that a destination can be controlled. A destination can only be successful if it pursues a participatory development process with common goals and no vested interests.”

Seraina Schöb
Project Manager

The pioneering Destination System from Quant

Quant has developed an innovative destination system. This system aims to coordinate the plans and measures of the various stakeholders and enable more effective collaboration.

An open and well-connected structure is a key part of this. This flexible structure responds to the demands of collaboration, promotes equal opportunities, values local heritage and supports investment.

Quant expertise: shaping change

Quant supports destinations in successfully mastering the challenges of the future. This begins with the development of a vision of the future, which is based on a deep understanding of the internal constitution of the company and the external forces of the markets.

Quant’s strategy development follows an integral approach. By combining strategic management and agile methodology, we develop creative solutions and an objective basis for decision-making.

The future of Swiss tourism depends on the ability to constantly evolve and respond flexibly to changing conditions. With a clear focus on sustainability, collaboration and innovation, Swiss tourism is well equipped to successfully master the challenges of the future.


Important projects and initiatives

Quant’s experts have already successfully supported numerous tourism projects. These projects are helping to shape the future of Swiss tourism. (Project descriptions in German)