Questions and Challenges

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Quant works with passion for small, medium and large organizations from all industries. We value an open and honest dialogue at eye level and support you in transforming questions and problems into solutions.

Questions and Challenges of our clients are:

How can our community develop permanently and with relevance in the market and develop a common vision together with the most important service providers?

We are planning to expand into a new business area and will make significant investments in this. In order to be able to realistically assess opportunities and risks and to avoid mistakes as far as possible, we need an objective view and active support for this transformation process.

Our brand is well established in our business field, but the competition is not sleeping and is gaining market share in some cases. How can we sharpen our profile and position ourselves in marketing and sales in such a way that we can operate more successfully again?

We are planning a new hotel. Can you support us in our strategic positioning?

The merger of two companies has been successfully completed. However, in terms of corporate culture, there is still no sign of a merger. How can we develop a vision and a strategic roadmap that is supported by all employees?

As an SME, we are struggling to hold our own against the two market leaders. They dominate the market and we often lose out in tenders. What can we do?

The digitalisation of our hotel business presents us with fundamental challenges. Can you support us in the strategic development of the digitalization process?

We see activities in the field of art and culture as important parts for the location development of our city. However, we lack a long-term strategy and a classification of the numerous individual initiatives in order to fully exploit the development potential in this area.

Our group of companies manages various divisions with successful individual brands. However, the processing of the various sub-markets in the areas of sales, marketing and communication is consuming more and more resources. How can we unite the individual brands into a large whole without neglecting the power of the individual brands?

We are planning the implementation of a new resort in an up-and-coming destination. Can you support us with a feasibility study and comprehensive financial planning?

Due to a changed market situation we are growing disproportionately fast. Now we lack the resources to take the next development step on our own. Can you support us in the sense of “temporary management” with your know-how in individual areas?