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Our Code of Ethics for AI

1. We are aware of the responsibility towards our customers and partners that we accept as a management consultancy with the use of AI-supported work tools.

2. We use AI-supported work tools where they

  • can promote the creation of preliminary results.
  • can improve the quality of work results.
  • serve the interests of our clients.
  • neither negligently nor intentionally infringe the rights of third parties.

3. We refrain from using AI-supported work tools wherever

  • misleading or abuse of trust would result.
  • bias or discrimination would be promoted or reinforced.
  • fundamental rights or personal rights would be violated.

4. We critically check the plausibility of preliminary results that we have produced using AI-supported work tools before continuing to use them by applying human judgment.

5. We check work results that we have created using AI-supported work tools for their content accuracy and their ethical and legal harmlessness before passing them on.

6. Where we cannot ensure that AI-generated work results are free of third-party rights, we inform our clients of this and explain the potential risks to them.

7. Confidential data of clients and employees is never processed in publicly accessible or publicly viewable workspaces. The data is anonymized before it is entered.

Privacy Policy

1. Collection, processing and use of personal data

We do not collect any personal data from you when you visit this website. Personal data is only collected if you provide us with it yourself via our contact form. This data is used exclusively to answer your request and is deleted afterwards.

2. Use of own cookies

When certain pages are called up, a so-called “session cookie” is set. This is a small text file that is automatically deleted from your computer at the end of the browser session. This file is used exclusively to enable you to use certain applications. With most web browsers you can change the settings so that your browser does not accept new cookies or you can have received cookies deleted. How this works for your browser can usually be found out via its help function.

3. Server log files

As with every connection to a web server, the server of our web hosting provider cyon in Basel, Switzerland (please check and if necessary change to your own hosting provider) logs and stores certain technical data. These data include the IP address and the operating system of your device, the data, the access time, the type of browser and the browser request including the origin of the request (referrer). This is necessary for technical reasons in order to provide you with our website. The web hosting provider protects this data against unauthorized access with technical and organizational measures and does not pass it on to third parties. Where we process personal data in the process, we do so because we are interested in providing you with the best possible user experience and in ensuring the security and stability of our systems.

4. Analytics

The services listed in this section allow the provider to monitor and analyze traffic and track user behavior.

Matomo (self-hosted) (this Application)

Matomo is an analytics software program that this Application uses to analyze data directly without the help of third parties.

Personal Data processed: IP address; Usage data; Tracker.

You can prevent the storage of cookies or delete them again by making the appropriate setting in your browser.

5. Newsletter

If you have registered for our newsletter with your e-mail address, we will store and use your e-mail address to send you our newsletter with information and advertising about us until you have unsubscribed from our newsletter.

We use Mautic on this website, an open source tool for marketing automation. It is an analysis and tracking software for the allocation and storage of usage data (e.g. browser used, last page visited, duration of visit). The software uses this information to individualize our marketing measures and better align them with the interests of each individual user. The software also helps us to better evaluate the success of individual marketing measures.

Mautic is hosted on the same server as our website in Switzerland. Data is not passed on to third parties. We collect and process data with Mautic only to the extent necessary to achieve our business objectives with you.

The way Mautic works is expressed through:

a) E-mail marketing and campaigns
Email marketing involves sending you personalized emails. These are partly based on usage behavior on the website, when reading our emails and when interacting with the links contained therein. We also send e-mails as part of campaigns.

b) Landing pages
Landing pages are special websites that have been defined as the target of advertising campaigns. They usually contain interaction options.

The software uses various technical processes to assign individual activities to anonymous profiles or – with prior consent – to the profiles of individual users:

c) Tracking pixels
In order to recognize whether, for example, an e-mail has been opened, Mautic uses so-called tracking pixels. These are used to load a small graphic from the provider’s server, which has previously been assigned to an individual user profile.

d) Personalized web links
In order to recognize whether, for example, a user calls up a link from an e-mail, Mautic adds a unique identifier to these links, which has previously been assigned to an individual user profile.

e) IP address

The IP address currently used by website visitors is transmitted to us each time our website is accessed.Mautic uses this to recognize users of the website.

The data collected in the process is as follows

  • the activity on our website
  • the number of page views and length of stay of the website visitor
  • the click path of the respective visitor
  • Downloads of files provided via the website
  • Visits to landing pages
  • Opening of emails from newsletters and campaigns

As part of a registration on the website, we collect through the use of Mautic:

  • Contact details (such as name, postal or e-mail address, telephone number).
  • Business contact details (such as your job title, the name of a business, business e-mail address, telephone or fax number).
  • the IP address of the terminal device from which the website is used (a sequence of numbers that identifies your current computer connection on the Internet)

The released data is clearly recognizable for the user by filling out a form. The data required to send the form is indicated.

Mautic is only used if you have expressly given your consent to the use of so-called “first-party cookies” when using our website for the first time. You can revoke this consent at any time by contacting the contact person named above. In this case, all tracking data collected using Mautic will be deleted immediately.

6. Your rights

You are basically entitled to the rights of information, correction, deletion, restriction, data transferability, revocation and objection. If you believe that the processing of your data violates data protection law or your data protection rights have otherwise been violated in any way, you can complain to the supervisory authority.

You can reach us at the following contact details:

Quant AG
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+41 81 531 34 21