The evaluation of the achieved project goals and the project costs is an essential component of our comprehensive, holistic approach. The project-controlling tool allows you to clearly and transparently communicate with your stakeholder groups and ensures the know-how transfer for future projects.


The DuPont Analysis is the oldest key-performance indicator system in the world, and still one of the best-known. It focuses on the return on investment (ROI). The top priority of the company’s executive management is therefore not maximising profit, but instead maximising the result per unit of capital used. In the context of performance management, a strategic direction based around ROI as a key performance indicator is designed to facilitate value-orientated corporate management.



KPI Definitions

How is success even defined? In the field of business administration, the term Key Performance Indicator (KPI) describes crucial figures via which one can measure the progress towards achieving important goals as well as critical factors of success within an organisation. Based on the strategic goals and your market environment, we establish relevant KPIs for you, as well as the right tools for measuring these.

Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a suitable tool for installing an integrated management system, as it can be designed in a flexible and thus comprehensive way. Thanks to the key figures relating to the functions and attributes of the observed objects within the BSC, it is possible to monitor the development of the corporate vision – and not just with regard to financial aspects, but also across a broad range of factors (hence “balanced”). This comprehensive view then facilitates specific measures for aligning the organisation with the stated goals.

Reporting Dashboards

Dashboards provide an overview of the KPIs that are relevant to a certain goal or process. Quant develops individual electronic dashboards for its clients, which depict the business process / provide a visual overview of its development.