Center Mundaun

“Rhine worlds” as a presentation theme for Center Mundaun.

When the new “Marcau” commercial and residential building opened in the heart of Ilanz in the autumn of 2018, the anchor tenant, Migros, moved out of the Center Mundaun and into a new home. The departure of the main tenant necessitated a re-ordering of the business infrastructure to ensure, among other things, that the property didn’t stand empty. The potential future contents and uses of the “Center Mundaun” were displayed in a concept sketch. 

Researching and developing variants of use; developing and concretising “Rhine worlds” as a presentation theme for Center Mundaun; conceptualising the potential of the idea “From the outlet to the source” or “Against the current”, which can be bound into a greater whole and become a distinguishing landmark experience for the Canton of Graubünden.

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