Klosters Music

Strategic positioning, format development, commercialization and implementation of the structures

“World classics meet the mountain world” – Klosters Music wants to establish itself as one of the top classical music festivals in the Alpine space, as well as launching new art-related and cultural experiences. The aim is that the emotional platform will act as a beacon to the world, radiating local charm.With Quant AG, I am able to support the Art & Music Foundation, Klosters, and the sponsorship association of the same name, taking an integrated approach oriented on a holistic view.

Moderation, coordination and management of the overall process in close collaboration with the core team. Development of the future positioning of the festival and brand promise. Development of a strategic roadmap, integrated partnership concept and financing plan up to 2021. Implementation of the roadmap in the subareas of positioning, visitor marketing, communications, ticketing and financing and partnerships.


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