Prau la Selva Nature Retreat

Feasibility, concept development, development and implementation of a nature retreat

A re-purposing plan that is pioneering and sustainably adds value is to be created for the complex comprising the “Prau la Selva” sports centre and the current Camping in Flims site. The aim is to develop a holistic “Prau la Selva” experience that shapes the destination’s positioning with regard to activation of the natural landscape and which offers future guests a characteristic range of outdoor activities. A nature-focused, profitable and future-orientated hospitality offering including retail and gastronomy and based around the core elements of sportivity, outdoor activity and education is to be created.

Scope of services
Analysis of the existing offer, concept development and feasibility study for a profitable re-purposing and further development of the current offering, taking account of the relevant mega-trends in the travel and leisure sectors. Planning and implementation of a holistic nature retreat.

Gemeinde Flims



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