Shaping the future

Methodological competence

With the Quant Methodology® we guarantee our clients a holistic approach to implementation. Our holistic and interdisciplinary approach enables a comprehensive and objective picture that is fundamental for the strategic development of your organisation.

Based on the precise analysis, we formulate the goals together with you (normative level). This is the basis for the implementation concept with corresponding strategic directions and fields of action (strategic level). The final step is implementation and impact monitoring (tactical level). For each implementation step, we work with the most modern tools and actively involve our clients in the process through co-creation.

We are your partner at eye level and support you with our many years of experience in the areas of strategy development or location development, in the area of art and culture, tourism and destination development, in the area of hospitality consulting and hospitality management, brand development, sales as well as marketing communication.

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Andreas Bärtsch, Team Quant
Andreas Bärtsch
Founder & Partner
In co-creation with our clients, we implement projects holistically and in the long term and ensure that they are economically successful and at the same time meet the highest social standards. We are always on the lookout for the most attractive market and the ideal niche and the answer to the question: What makes our clients successful?