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Future Room

There is hidden potential in every company. Outside the usual perception through management glasses, much remains untapped that could decisively advance a business or an enterprise because it is not explicit and tangible, but implicit and hidden.

The key to highlighting this tacit knowledge is the construction of a 4th dimension. It is the core of the Future Room method. Its purpose is to make the mindset of a company visible so that it can subsequently be consciously observed and shaped.

As an official partner of the Future Institute in the application of the Future Room Method, Quant uses this approach in strategy consulting.

By using the Future Room method, we quickly locate blind spots and whitespots in a company, we examine the mindset of the employees and thus uncover hidden potential in the organisation. From this, we develop individual trend maps together with our clients as a basis for defining strategic consequences. In close cooperation with the decision-makers of a company, we develop the future roadmap for the implementation of a new strategy for the future.

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The 4th dimension

Insides and key insights from the Future Room

  • The application of the Future Room Method provides clear answers to the question “How and where do societal trends have an impact?” in relation to the business units.
  • The organisational “mindset” in relation to dealing with societal trends becomes clear. The corporate DNA is decoded and necessary changes are clearly identified and formulated.
  • Locating the current systemic life cycle, which is an important parameter in relation to strategic orientation
  • Market potentials and risks in the context of social development are clearly identified and formulated. Blind spots that arise in any implementation of strategies are seen and can be corrected.
  • Consequences for a strategic future orientation are clearly recognised and formulated.
    In a strategic future roadmap, the results are linked to the context of trends and put in a clear order.
(Source: Zukunftsinstitut)

More details on the application of the Future Room Method can be found here!

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Andreas Bärtsch, Team Quant
Andreas Bärtsch
Founder & Partner
By using the Future Room, companies gain completely new perspectives on their own company in a very short time. It is not about implementation and acting under pressure, but about insight and conscious observation.