Understanding people, conquering markets

Our society today is extremely dynamic and diverse. A new view of society is necessary to understand people and their present and future needs. Because with the individualisation of life courses, demographic characteristics become unreliable as a basis for interpretation.

So, in order to consciously engage with the needs of customers, we need to change perspective. As part of the structured development process, Quant uses lifestyles and the Future Institute’s Relation Mapping method in the conception phase. The use of lifestyles helps us to better understand the actions of customers, to identify and explain individual behaviour patterns.

This not only clarifies the overall social context, but also creates a deeper understanding of the actual needs of society. As a company, this gives you a well-founded and at the same time fresh view of your own current customers and customer potential.

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Observing society anew

Today’s society is highly dynamic and complex, value sets have become more and more diverse, and it is increasingly difficult to get a differentiated overview of society, to assess customer groups and to explore market potential. Attempts to segment society based on key demographic data of individuals such as age, gender, income and origin lead to diffuse results. People in today’s society are no longer numbers in the system that can be reduced to data – but individuals with changed values, changed behaviour and needs.

Self Balancer, Digital Creative or Mainstreamer – Lifestyles are prototypical groups that divide society into 18 categories based on their motives, attitudes and preferences, similar to the well-known Sinus Millieus or Personas.


Relations Mapping – a method of revealing relationships

The Relations Mapping developed by the Zukunftsinstitut is a tool we use in the development and conception of our projects. With this method, our clients gain deeper insight into their direct customer relationships. The method makes relationships and relations visible – literally in the sense of a visual representation. Lifestyle groups represent the current customers and potential customers.

Activate and share implicit knowledge

Working with relationship mapping also helps teams to work together: by making the inner images of resonance connections visible, the implicit knowledge of the entire team is made explicit. The methodology of mapping by means of the subsequent interpretation leads to a recombination of existing knowledge within a company, which would otherwise remain locked in the individual heads. The distributed existing knowledge can thus become a new, shared knowledge. This supports a team in communicating anew in the context of customer relations.

(Source: Zukunftsinstitut)

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