Clinicum Alpinum, Aussenansicht

Clinicum Alpinum

Positioning, strategy and implementation

The Clinicum Alpinum in Gaflei (principality of Liechtenstein) is a private clinic due to open in April 2019. It will specialise exclusively in the treatment of in-patients with (severe) stress-related illnesses (exhaustion-induced depression). The clinic will treat up to 250 patients a year. The premium-quality offering will be complemented by individualised intensive and preventive programmes. A central aspect of recovery is to free the patients from their stressful day-to-day situation and offer them an environment that differs from their normal surroundings.

Scope of services
Concept development and creation of a strategic roadmap and positioning as the basis for the market-development work nationally and internationally. Implementation of the marketing and sales organisation, processes and tools. Implementation support in the areas of marketing, online communication and social media management up until the opening in April 2019.

Clinicum Alpinum, Terrasse mit Blick auf die Berge. Clinicum Alpinum, Speiseraum
Clinicum Alpinum, Zimmer mit Blick auf die Berge. Clinicum Alpinum, Holzbalkon
Clinicum Alpinum, Schwimmbad
Clinicum Alpinum, Flur Clinicum Alpinum