Health Retreat Zermatt

Utilization evaluation and operational planning

In addition to the already well-established range of services in the known areas, Zermatt is to receive a new long-term health offer that can have a differentiating effect in the entire Alpine region, create new job prospects for young people in the valley (approx. 100 to 130 jobs) and thus generate added value for Zermatt and the valley. This will not only have a positive impact on the destination, but will also leave its mark on the entire canton and the Alpine region.

In order to transform the existing ideas for the “Health Retreat Zermatt” project into an approvable project, various clarifications in the relevant key areas are necessary as part of the project consolidation.

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Scope of work
Preparation of a utilization evaluation and feasibility study for the development of the Health Retreat Zermatt. Detailed project and operational planning. This is followed by the search for operators and investors as well as support during realization and implementation, including controlling.

In the first phase, the Health Retreat Zermatt project is to be approved.

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