Himmelrych Areal, Schloss Bad Zurzach

Utilization evaluation

As part of a detailed utilization evaluation, including a feasibility study and potential analysis, we show how Park Himmelrych AG can succeed in establishing the Himmelrych site in an exemplary manner. The focus is on anchoring this site in the current environment, market and social context in such a way that it becomes synonymous with excellence in health and culture. The Himmelrych site presents itself as a multi-layered and captivating object that is imbued with great potential for implementation. A site steeped in history that challenges and inspires us to develop an innovative and sustainable solution for this unique location.

In the first phase of project development, the focus is on content and programming. The Board of Directors is to be shown how a great whole can be created by consolidating and cultivating ideas. Quant uses a structured and integral process to localize three possible implementation scenarios, and a potential assessment currently identifies the chances of realization in the various scenarios. This serves the project owners as a basis for decision-making for the future development of the historic Himmelrych site in Bad Zurzach.

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Scope of work:
Quant prepares a detailed utilization evaluation for the development of the property as a basis for deciding how to proceed. This includes the following areas: Analysis, market environment, trends, SWOT matrix, content determination and evaluation of the architectural volumetry, development of the positioning and programming. Quant creates a detailed operational plan as well as an overview of the finances, costs and refinancing options.

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