Herbst, Hochgebirgsklinik Davos

Hochgebirgsklinik Davos

Konzeption strategische Positionierung, Strategie-Beratung, verlängerte Werkbank

As part of the Hochgebirgsklinik’s (literally “high alpine clinic”) new strategic direction an reorientation following the successful avoidance of bankruptcy in 2015 – thanks to the efforts of the Kühne Stiftung – the positioning, structures and requisite processes, as well as the marketing of the clinic, are to be adapted and designed in such a way as to ensure a commercially successful future. In addition, link-up points to a potential future medicine campus on the site are to be clarified and an appropriate brand system developed.

Scope of services
Creation of a strategic roadmap for implementing the festivities celebrating the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn. Detailed concept development for the required measures, creation of the partnership documentation, and support of the strategic partnerships. Creation of the foundations for successfully implementing the activities on site and within the defined target markets.


Hochgebirgsklinik Davos Haupteingang Hochgebirgsklinik Davos
Gebäude vor Bergen, Projekt: Strategische Entwicklung und Strategieberatung