Municipality of Val Müstair

Positioning and strategic direction, development and evaluation of the Master Plan 2025

In January 2017, the municipal council of the merged municipality of Val Müstair initiated a process to provide clarity as to the valley’s future positioning and strategy, and to create a shared vision pursued by all stakeholders in the valley. The valley features great potential in terms of content – content that, especially in today’s era, could be rendered profitable within the context of nature and culture.
Clarity over the municipality of Müstair’s strategic direction, combined with the synchronisation of the current service providers, is a topic that must be tackled at a superordinate level. There is complete agreement on this.

Scope of services
Mediation, coordination and management of the overall process in close collaboration with the core team and the municipal council of Val Müstair. Clarification of the name “Biosfera Val Müstair” versus “Nature Park (Parc da Natüra) Val Müstair”, taking account of the new framework conditions (including UNESCO Biosphere Reserve National Park Val Müstair). Development of the future brand architecture and “Val Müstair” brand promise.  Development and roll-out of the communication concept based on the “Val Müstair 2025” master plan.

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