Rigi Kulm Hotel

Rigi Kulm Hotel

Concept development and strategic positioning of the Rigi Kulm Hotel and its restaurant operations

Elation, peace of mind and the prospect of an unforgettable stay. This is what guests can expect at the Rigi Kulm Hotel. No matter whether visiting for the day to enjoy the unique sunrise, or as a participant at a seminar weekend: the focus here is on the experience, on the pleasures of traditional hospitality in this unique magical spot and the delicious cuisine in one of the restaurants.

Scope of services
Creation of decision-making criteria for the future orientation of the Rigi Kulm Hotel, and concept development for strategic implementation projects for the medium- to long-term positioning of the hotel and restaurant operations.



Rigi Kulm Hotel mit Schweizer Flagge.
Terrasse Rigi Kulm Hotel Terrasse des Rigi Kulm Hotel
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