Sportbahnen Braunwald

Vision process and strategy development

In 2022, the newly appointed Board of Directors intends to address the future strategic direction of the company and the development of Braunwald as a destination and, to this end, engage in a structured vision and strategy process. Strategic guidelines are to be set on the basis of the current situation and the transport company is to be transformed into a tourism company. In addition, realistic packages of measures are to be developed with the aim of sharpening the positioning and its implementation and at the same time deriving a successful profiling of the overall offer of Sportbahnen Braunwald AG, with a view to achieving the defined goals and reducing winter dependency

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Scope of work
As part of the vision and strategy process, an in-depth analysis is carried out at the beginning: fundamentals, existing concepts and project visions, market environment, trends, structures, processes and organization. The vision, mission and value proposition are then developed and the strategic fields of action, objectives and target groups are defined. In a second phase, specific topics, measures and structures for implementation are developed, including budget planning.

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