Tourism Strategy Municipality of Falera

Strategic development including tourist offerings for the municipality of Falera

What direction should the municipality of Falera take in future? What are the “right” projects and how should these be implemented? There are currently many projects available; however, owing to limited resources and decision-making criteria, their implementation is not progressing as planned. This analysis and roadmap are intended to highlight how the existing projects and considerations can be used to derive clear points of relevance for the location of Falera. The focus here is the development of the content-based role/task within the destination of Flims Laax Falera and the derivation of appropriate tourist offers.

Scope of services
Strategic development and development of tourist offerings for the municipality of Falera, consulting and support during various projects.


Falera, Abendstimmung Braunes Gras in Falera
Kirche, Falera