UNESCO World Heritage

UNESCO World Heritage Site Master Planning

The world heritage site of Sardona uniquely embodies the origin story of the Alpine mountains and valleys. In the Flims region, you can see and experience visible traces of the geological process of mountain formation and extensive evidence of its powerful forces, all at close proximity.

Developing a future holistic experience centred on the UNESCO world heritage site of Sardona, along with a feasibility study for implementing future measures. Evaluating the existing bases and designing an integrated solution for creating a visitor centre for the UNESCO natural world heritage site, including a representation of the added value created for the destination and its impact on the region.

Unesco_DANUSER-150827084150 Unesco_welterbe_sardona-tkv_TR1A3170
Brücke im Wald Weltkulturerbe
Brücke über einen Fluss welterbe_sardona-tkv_TR1A2427k
welterbe_sardona-tkv_TR1A2983 Panorama