The importance of places

Hospitality, Hotel & Lodging Industry

Physical places are gaining in importance – the hotel or accommodation business can establish itself more and more as a destination in the future. Everything revolves around places and how one feels in them. It’s about the influence of spaces and rituals on human sensation.

Experience, authenticity, sustainability are the new self-image of travellers. Topics such as regionality, conscious use of resources and social responsibility also play an important role in operating credibly and sustainably in the hospitality sector.

And this already starts with the positioning. These changed basic needs of guests pose corresponding challenges for many hotels or accommodation providers.

Hotels of the future therefore need strong individual concepts. As a hospitality expert, Quant develops holistic business plans and strategic roadmaps for the development of hospitality projects, for classic hotels and alternative accommodation businesses.

We support our hospitality clients through comprehensive analyses and location assessments in the areas of positioning, marketing and sales. Together with them, we develop future-oriented strategies and differentiating positioning. This enables our clients to stand out clearly from the competition and position their businesses for the future.

Flims, Ausblick

The hotel is dead: «Eat, drink and sleep» was what the hotel of the past offered. Today, much more is expected. A holistic strategy, a clear positioning and a consistent staging make the hotel a destination. The key to this is: hospitality.

Orlando Steiner, Partner Quant

Stadt in der Abenddämmerung DANUSER-151110174252

Resonance – What is sought is the encounter with the so-called «real» – the lively, real life on site.


Resonance as a transformative experience is the basic human need in a we-cultural society. The longing for connection and community is growing. The new basic need is called: the encounter with the real.


Employees and travellers can experience resonance above all when hospitality – as a friendly offer of quality of life and temporary relationships – is at the core of the corporate culture.


People no longer want to be treated like customers as objects of an economy, but as friends of a community.


People have a need for unfilteredness, genuineness, and in doing so are in search of authenticity and honest cordiality.


Source: Zukunftsinstitut

«The more hectic everyday life, the greater our need for forms of retreat.»