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Disruption always occurs when old systems become inert, self-righteous and future-blind. The challenge, however, is to be vital and adaptive and to constantly practice the art of gradual evolution. This means not only constantly improving and developing, but also shaping change itself.

What will the municipality of tomorrow look like and what opportunities and challenges must those responsible in the public sector be prepared for? Where should a municipality develop in the future?  What are the right projects and measures for future-oriented further development and how should they be implemented? How can a region develop permanently and with relevance in the market and develop a common vision together with the most important service providers?

Many locations already have great potential in terms of content, which could be made profitable especially in today’s context with the needs of society. Only through clear positioning in society and in the market can communities, a location or a region be successful in the long term.

Through the integral development approach, Quant is able to deal with complex issues in this context in a structured manner, to develop creative solutions and to prepare challenging facts in such a way that they become simple and clear for our clients and at the same time provide them with an objective basis for decision-making.

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«Of course, I am interested in the future. After all, I want to spend the rest of my life in it.»


The key drivers of location development

Many locations have great potential in a wide variety of areas. These should be activated in the sense of sustainable positioning, as it corresponds to the present time. In doing so, the megatrends relevant to the respective region, municipality or country must be taken into account.

For example, neo-ecology, connectivity, urbanisation as well as resonance and knowledge culture play a central role. But the megatrends of mobility, digitalisation, new work and health are also part of people’s new self-image and lay the foundation for a new value system in society.

Ivo Haldner, Team Quant
Ivo Haldner
Founder & Partner
Shaping change itself therefore means taking up the most important trends and drivers of economic, social, ecological and spatial development and bringing them into harmony with the existing system.