Real estate industry

Site development, location development

The need for liveable, sustainable and healthy spaces and places is shaping the development of sites, real estate and properties. In the future, these will no longer be defined by infrastructures and contemporary architecture, but rather by the creation of resonant experiences, experiential spaces and a better quality of life.

The future is shaped by people and their needs for interaction, community, learning, quality of life and transformation. Mobility will be perceived as a normal state and the coprinciple will become a matter of course.

The focus is on people’s need for resonance, for encounters with the real thing. The challenge here is that experiences that are perfectly optimised to individual needs may seem right, but they do not feel human. Rather, it is about really touching people.

Quant supports companies, organisations and owners in the development of a piece of land, an exceptional property or a raw building. We take a progressive and innovative approach to development in the spirit of destination design.

The whole comes before the part: a detailed usage evaluation answers our questions of feasibility and potential. Based on the findings, we develop sustainable solutions together with our clients.

Baum in der Nähe eines Sees Luftaufnahme einer Immobilie

«What is best for this perimeter?»

In co-creation with our clients, we implement projects holistically and in the long term, ensuring that they are economically successful while meeting the highest social standards. In doing so, we are always on the lookout for the most attractive market and the ideal niche and the answer to the question: What is best for this perimeter?

To get to the bottom of this question, we develop detailed utilisation evaluations for our clients.  Depending on the need, these include in-depth feasibility studies and comprehensive potential analyses that take a holistic look at the challenges and needs in connection with the development of a “place”.