25.10.2022 — Brand Development

Successful launch of the new regional brand Landsberg am Lech

As turquoise as Lake Ammersee: In the future, the district of Landsberg am Lech wants to highlight its qualities as a living, economic and recreational area with its own regional brand. Quant has been leading and supporting the brand development process since December 2021.

With the new Landsberg Ammersee Lech regional brand, the region now has an instrument that reflects the regional identity and the special qualities of the district.  With the official launch of the new regional brand, another important milestone has now been reached.


Flyer Landsberg am Lech

The project to develop the Landsberg am Lech district regional brand is organized by the office for location marketing and business development at the Landsberg am Lech district office. The successful process was launched as early as December 2021.

Marke Landsberg am Lech Lancierung Marke Landsberg am Lech

The main venue for the launch event was the Ammersee steamer MS Utting. Around 70 guests were invited – including representatives from politics, business, crafts, culture and tourism.

Together with District Administrator Thomas Eichinger (CSU), around 50 students from Ammersee High School welcomed the guests from the deck of the ship.

A county on the move

As part of the launch of the brand, a brand brochure was developed as a central communication tool. This brochure provides an overview of the goals, orientation and identity of the Landsberg Ammersee Lech brand and shows the opportunities for participation for companies, organizations and other interested parties. The following is an excerpt, (available in german language only).

Flyer Landsberg am Lech
Flyer Landsberg am Lech
Flyer Landsberg am Lech
Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-03 um 10.53.49
Plakat Landsberg am Lech