Brand development

What makes brands successful?

Successful brands are characterised by longevity, permanence and consistency in all aspects. They resist the temptation to follow every fashion and jump on every trend. At the same time, successful brands are capable of change and interpret the trends of the respective era in a self-confident and contemporary way.

As an expert for brands, Quant develops individual solutions and follows an integral development process:

Brand strategy
After an analysis of the company and the market, the basic components of the corporate identity and the brand core are developed.

Logo development
The logo expresses the brand core through the visual level.

Corporate/brand design
All visual elements are developed that express the brand core and take into account the essential characteristics of the logo.

Brand Communication
In order for the substantial messages of the brand to be perceived by its target group, you need to communicate these messages to the outside world. To do this, we develop a communication concept that describes how to address the target groups most effectively through images and text.

Brand implementation
The corporate identity and the new image are introduced within the company and to the public.

Brand management
The brand image must be strengthened in the long term. Communication in line with the target group ensures that the brand essence remains as a clear image in the minds of the interested parties.


Within the framework of a brand development process, we use «The Golden Circle» approach by Simon Sinek.

«The Golden Circle» is based on the analysis of the world’s most successful leaders and companies. Sinek was able to prove that all successful brands have the same patterns of thinking, acting and communicating – and that these are diametrically different from common patterns. The Golden Circle consists of three circles. The core is the «Why», the middle is the «How» and the outermost circle is the «What». Most companies start with the outermost circle (What) and then deal with differentiation in the second circle (How). Often, the core (Why) is not addressed.

Successful companies, on the other hand, start with the core, the mission (Why), then deal with the differentiating moment (How) and only at the end with the actual products (What).

Golden Circle, Markenentwicklung

Quant Theses on the leverage of brands

People do not decide according to reality. People decide according to their opinion about a thing! They form an image of a thing. These are the inner images. These images can be left to chance, or they can be actively shaped.

The competition for trust, market share and profit is the competition between brands. This competition takes place in the minds and hearts of customers. It is the images that decide whether we succeed in convincing customers of our performance.

Congruence must be created between identity (self-image) and identification (which signals make us visible).

The visual appearance – umbrella brand, location identification, logos, corporate design from clothing to web presence – embodies the condensed identity and the condensed competence. Only a coherent interplay generates power. The power of the brand.

The goal is: awareness, significance and appeal.