Evaluation of use

Feasibility studies & potential analyses

Be it a raw building, a piece of land, an exceptional object or a perimeter with outstanding characteristics – they all have one thing in common: every «place» is absolutely unique and requires its own vision and an individual concept.

That is why Quant always takes a holistic view of this «place» and follows the integral development approach of destination design. Our holistic approach enables a comprehensive and objective picture, which is crucial for future strategic development.

In co-creation with our clients, we implement projects holistically and in the long term, ensuring that they are economically successful and at the same time meet the highest social standards. In doing so, we are always on the lookout for the most attractive market and the ideal niche and the answer to the question:

What is best for this perimeter?

Stadt in der Abenddämmerung Salischinas

Feasibility studies

Within the framework of a utilisation evaluation, we carry out comprehensive and thorough feasibility studies if required. In addition to economic feasibility, these essentially include the points of resources and availability, e.g. in terms of space, material, people and time. At the same time, the feasibility study takes into account the legal requirements and outlines the temporal implementation of a project in the form of a roadmap.

The aim of a feasibility study is to create a transparent and comprehensible basis for our clients to make decisions about the feasibility of a project.


Potential analyses

As part of the integral development process, we carry out detailed potential analyses. We are concerned with the structured investigation of the existence of certain characteristics. It is about identifying and systematically thinking through all external and internal factors influencing the success of the company or a project. These include political factors, legislative influences, social structures and their changes, economic and technological developments.

The potential analysis also enables us to take a particularly close look at how the project fits in with the competitive environment.


Sustainable development satisfies the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs.


Ivo Haldner
Founder & Partner
In the future, it will no longer be enough to merely arouse emotions or create needs. Rather, it is about resonant experiences, relationships and new spaces of possibility.