Hospitality Consulting & Management, Hospitality Coaching

It is not the extension of the past that will bring the hotel industry into the future. The hotel of the future has to meet a variety of requirements, because it is increasingly becoming a place of relaxation & work, a place of inspiration & health and essentially a place of communication and social interaction.

Quant therefore pursues the approach of destination design in the hospitality sector. This is not about the individual consideration of a single object but always about the holistic examination of the conditions and influences on site, the present and future needs of society and the drivers of change. In addition, we always have a clear business focus when developing our projects.

No Compromises

Hospitality is the central and defining element of any stay. It far exceeds mere functionality and is instrumental in creating resonance in the overall experience. It is the key element for the profiling of an establishment.

Consistency down to the last detail

What relevance does this have for the actual mission, i.e. in the optimisation or development of a hospitality project?

From Quant’s point of view, this means concretely:

  • Permanent striving for above-average service quality
  • Conveying a contemporary and progressive lifestyle
  • Consistently sustainable in all processes
  • Customer centricity at all touch points
  • Living hospitality
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As an innovation workshop for interdisciplinary projects, we accompany our clients in the areas of:

Hospitality consulting

  • Strategy development
  • Positioning processes
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Sales strategies incl. pricing and revenue management
  • Communication concepts
  • Content & offer development

Hospitality Coaching

As part of the coaching program of HotellerieSuisse with the support of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, Quant is available as an expert in the field of hospitality or for the hotel and accommodation industry. Quant supports members of HotellerieSuisse in long-term planning as well as in the identification and implementation of measures to increase competitiveness. Businesses have to reorientate and reposition themselves.

Guest needs are changing significantly – trends such as sustainability and digitalisation are becoming increasingly important. Participation in the coaching programme enables them to make strategic adjustments and improve the quality of the accommodation industry.

Hospitality Management

Within the framework of a temporary management contract, Quant takes over the strategic management and the securing of the operational business in the hospitality sector, if required. Quant has already been responsible for the successful management of projects in the resort and luxury hotel sector in the past. We are currently supporting the Peaks Place Apartment Hotel and Spa in Laax.

Quant not only fulfils the role of a classic management consultancy, but also ensures the successful implementation of the project on the market. Not least because of the proven and long-standing experience of the project team in the areas of hospitality, operations and management as well as sales and marketing.

Investor and operator search

Quant has a broad know-how and international network for the search of potential investors and operators in the hospitality sector.



schneebedecktes Gebäude

«Buy to use and let» – Serviced apartments and alternative forms of accommodation

A special focus in the field of hospitality development is on «serviced flats». Thanks to Quant’s in-depth know-how in this area, we are able to develop integral strategies and concepts for the development of «serviced flats» or tourist-managed holiday flats in terms of location development.



Schlittenfahren bei Nacht Kind in Winterkleidung vor einem Holzgebäude.

In the context of hospitality projects, we pursue a holistic and integral development process and deal with the following topics:


 In-depth analysis of the influencing factors

The basis for a structured development process is always an in-depth analysis of the market environment and developments in the industry. In this context, we look at global megatrends – the deep currents of change – and their impact on society. Furthermore, the topic of tourism and hospitality of the future – the guest of tomorrow and his needs as well as digitalisation as an opportunity for future-oriented development. In addition, a well-founded SWOT analysis is carried out and relevant fields of action are derived as a basis for decision-making for future-oriented business planning.

Content identification for future development

Based on the findings of the analysis, the rough conception of possible contents and thematic fields with relevance for the creation of an individual hospitality concept is carried out. From this, concrete implementation ideas are derived for the creation of a holistic hospitality experience.


Positioning and programming

Subsequently, the development premises are defined and the objectives for the future orientation of the hospitality project are derived. In addition, the first outlines of a future positioning, the unique selling propositions and the possible value proposition are developed.

Operational planning and management

In this context, contours for the implementation strategy are developed. This includes clarifying processes, roles and responsibilities for implementation. Considerations for the strategic pricing and distribution strategy are also integrated. At the same time, initial considerations on the future marketing mix relevant to implementation are integrated.

Financial planning

As part of an integral development, we create a first investment and plan-profit calculation for hospitality projects. Furthermore, we support our clients in the area of “investor relations” and accompany the project process including stakeholder management and communication. Upon request, we develop detailed partnership concepts and also take over the search for operators.


There is no greater pleasure than surprising someone by giving them more than they expected.


Orlando Steiner
The hospitality business as a whole is primarily profit-driven and only secondarily cost-driven. Occupancy and room rate are the key variables in hospitality, because they define the majority of the profitable turnover.