Marketing and Communication

Strategy, conception, creation, implementation

Knowing the uniqueness of every corporate vision, the only way to turn it into reality is to create solutions tailored to your individual case.

Derived from the corporate strategy, Quant develops individual ideas and concepts as part of an integral development process. We look at all aspects of marketing and communications, design content and create visual worlds, define visual characteristics and the tonality of a company.

With our creativity, we show our clients how to use marketing an communications to place their themes, brand appearances and stories in the market in a targeted way.

In co-creation with our clients, we implement projects holistically and in the long term. This is how a strategic vision becomes a tangible reality. Thanks to many years of interdisciplinary experience, we manage complex processes confidently and efficiently. Furthermore, we implement projects consistently with a view to the whole.

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Building on the foundation of the analysis, we develop sector-specific marketing strategies and communication concepts.

As experts in marketing and communication, Quant develops individual solutions and follows an integral development process:


  • Review of the existing: Self-image, positioning and company goals
  • Market and customers, existing business and potentials
  • Competitive environment, industry structure
  • Social development, trends
  • Assessment of communication-relevant fields of influence outside the organisation
  • Trends and developments Analysis of existing communication tools
  • Tools and technologies
  • Condensation and summary of the analysis findings into a SWOT profile
  • Derivation of conclusions for positioning and communication
  • Recommendation for action from the analysis

Conception of the marketing mix

  • Formulation of overarching messages depending on positioning and corporate goals
  • Derivation and definition or evaluation of communication goals
  • Definition of relevant dialogue groups
  • Development of communicative content and evaluation of marketing instruments
  • Development of imagery and tonality
  • Development of content and communication strategy

Development of efficient instruments

  • Toolbox (content and technology)
  • Definition of instrument-specific focal points
  • Organisation of implementation, planning of measures including budget
  • Evaluation of service providers and suppliers to ensure successful implementation

Competition matrix – a proven method for the development of individual marketing strategies

As part of the development of a marketing strategy, Quant uses the classic competition matrix. This is used to develop strategies, to determine the product policy in marketing for individual business areas of a company, in order to gain a competitive advantage in the relevant market. For example, with the strategy of quality leadership or selective quality leadership, which accentuates performance advantages. This strategic approach is contrasted with the focus on cost advantages, which are strategically targeted with cost leadership or selective cost leadership.