Strategy consulting

Discover the future of your company

The recognition of future challenges is often the trigger and driver for the review of an existing business model or a new conception of corporate strategy. We support organisations in the development of strategic fields of action that enable positioning on the basis of defined values. In doing so, we show how the organisation can be further developed with concrete implementation measures and which financial and structural prerequisites are necessary for this.

«The whole comes before the part» – this is Quant’s conviction. Thanks to our previous experience, we can guarantee solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of a company and turn ideas into tangible reality. In our role, we support the company’s management in all areas necessary to achieve its goals.

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Integral concepts for successful corporate development

As part of our strategy consulting, we use the Future Room Method of the Future Institute. The Future Room Method combines trend and future research with systemic logic for the first time. It enables us to develop a new orientation for your company within a very short time. This enables us to show our clients how they can fully exploit their entrepreneurial potential.

On the basis of an in-depth organisational and environmental analysis, we develop contours and scenarios as possible solutions for successful future development. We show which activation tools can be used to sustainably anchor a successful positioning and which organisational, structural, procedural and financial prerequisites are necessary for this.

«The future is no coincidence. It is the product of our own decisions»

– HARRY GATTERER, Zukunftsinstitut –

Andreas Bärtsch
Founder & Partner
Simple, precise and clear: As part of our strategy consulting, we apply the Future Room Method. This supports companies in leaving behind old thought patterns and developing new visions of the future.