We work with you in a co-creation approach to implement projects that are holistic and designed for the long term. This transforms a strategic vision into tangible reality. Thanks to our many years of interdisciplinary experience, we confidently and efficiently manage complex processes and implement projects while always maintaining a complete overview.


These days, the financing of emotional platforms is no longer carried out in the traditional manner of services and return services. Ultimately, it is always the unique content that determines a project’s financing potential. With this insight, it is possible to allocate partner funding from foundations, patrons and supporting organisations in a targeted manner. Quant deploys the right tools for this on your behalf and activates the appropriate contacts in order to facilitate the funding of your project.

Change Management

We support you in sophisticated transformation processes and guide you through challenging phases – discreetly in the background or directly on site and at your side. On request, we act as a subcontractor or take on the management of sub-areas for a certain period of time (temporary management).

Change Management

Cost-Benefit Analysis

The cost-benefit analysis is a tool to determine whether the result (the benefit) of a project justifies the expenditure (cost). The expected benefit as well as the cost are here measured in monetary units to make them comparable. The cost-benefit analysis here predominantly focuses on goods traded on the market.

Quality- and Process-Management Systems

Quality-management systems ensure that the system, process and product quality within an organisation can be evaluated, improved and described. We support you in permanently improving your company’s performance with the introduction and implementation of a quality-management system and thus further contributing to your success.