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The «Axenstein» hotel zone in Morschach is going into realisation. Quant accompanies the development project.

A detailed design plan for the «Axenstein» hotel zone in Morschach has already been developed over several years. Now the hotel zone was sold to Tinoph AG from Baden. The aim of this holistic and sustainable development process is to transform the perimeter into a project that will enable the «Axenstein» experience to be realised in the long term and in a resource-saving manner. Both for the people and guests who will be working there in the future and for the region as a whole.

«We are extremely pleased with the new interpretation of the hotel zone», says Christoph Schoop, member of the board of directors of Tinoph AG, about the project: «In the first phase, we will work intensively together with Quant to clarify the question of the use of this key property. The issue of health tourism in connection with a hotel-related usage concept will also be examined in detail».

Quant accompanies the project with regard to the analysis and elaboration of basic principles for the sustainable development of the hotel zone «Axenstein». In a second phase, the development of a utilisation concept for a hotel complex or a hotel-related utilisation will follow, taking into account the relevant megatrends of the leisure and travel industry.


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«This exceptional location has the potential to realize a sustainable hotel complex or a hotel-related use that is carefully integrated into the surroundings. It is not just a question of classic hotels as known up to now. But rather the holistic development of the location and the development of a near-natural, profitable and future-oriented hospitality offer.»


Ivo Haldner

Founder & Partner Quant


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Further details on the solution approach and scope of services can be found here:

Projekt hotel zone Axenstein


Press release

The hotel zone Axenstein in Morschach is going into realization

The Axenstein Design Plan, approved by the Government Council of Canton Schwyz on 20.8.2019, ensures that a place is created which allows guests and visitors from the region to retreat into nature and which, in its own way, creates ecological added value for the region. With Tinoph AG, Axenstein Park AG has found a buyer and realizer with the experience to implement demanding projects in the region in a contemporary and high-quality manner.

Read the complete press release on the change of ownership of the Axenstein hotel zone here:

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